• What is PLAZA+?

    PLAZA+ is a platform that translates the shopping center customer experience into the digital world. PLAZA+ is a virtual showcase that presents merchandise from participating establishments on the websites and APPs of our shopping centers: Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe.

  • What does it allow me to do at this stage?

    The platform will be implemented in phases and the first of these, PLAZA+ Search, is already operating. PLAZA+ Search gives the customer the opportunity to plan the shopping mall visits in advance by virtually seeing and knowing what is in stock, before arriving to the shopping center

  • What do I have to do to browse and search PLAZA+?

    You must access the or pages and look for the PLAZA+ section to enter your favorite store. You can also access PLAZA+ through the PLAZA APP.

  • Where can I access the Spanish version?

    Currently, the platform is only available in English as most of the merchants' websites and their products appear in English.

  • What sections can I find?

    Right now, the menu consists of merchandise On Sale, Women's, Men's, Baby & Kids, Beauty, Home, Valentine’s, and Participating Stores sections.

    If you scroll down, you'll find Shop by Store, Spring Essentials, Sale Merchandise, and New Arrivals sections. You will also find the Search Now window.


  • What items appear under Women?

    Apparel, jewelry and fashion jewelry, accessories, shoes, handbags, and backpacks, and activewear…

  • What items appear under Men?

    Apparel, jewelry, accessories, shoes, wallets, and backpacks, and activewear...

  • What items appear under Beauty?

    Products for skin care, hair, nails, makeup...

  • What items appear under Babies and Kids?

    Clothes, shoes, baby items, toys…

  • What items appear under Home?

    Bedroom, kitchen, office, decoration, furniture, and electronics…

  • How specific do searches need to be to get results?

    The search on the platform must be in English since the categories and product names are in English. The search should be as specific as possible, for example: “women white blouse with long sleeves”

  • Which stores are participating?

    Initially, the following stores are participating

    • PLA: Arte Arte, Bakers, Bared, EGO, Florsheim, Galeria, JCPenney, Kiyume, Kókomo, Kury, L'Bel, La Favorita, La Gran Via, La Nueva Era, Naturalizer, Novus, O bag, Reinhold Jewelers, Roma, Soulette, Sumaq, Sunny Planet, Torrid, Tous, Uno de 50, Valija, Vitamin World
    • PDC: Bakers, JCPenney, Kókomo, La Favorita, La Gran Via, Naturalizer, Novus, Reinhold Jewelers, Roma, Sunny Planet, The Room Surf & Skate Shop, Tous, Uno de 50, Valija, Vitamin World

    We expect that more stores will join PLAZA + in the next few months.

  • Why are there categories that appear blank?

    PLAZA+ reflects the product categories of the stores in the mall, and there may be product categories that currently do not have available inventory in PLAZA+. We hope to add new stores to the platform constantly.

  • What kind of merchandise can I search for?

    You can search for any type of merchandise that you are used to buying in our malls: clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items, etc. Currently not all categories are represented with the stores participating in PLAZA+. We hope to continue adding stores and products in the coming weeks.

  • Why don't I see category options that I know exist in the mall?

    Perhaps that category of product(s) is not currently available in participating stores on our PLAZA+ platform.

  • How can I do the search?

    Entering the name of the category or product you want to search for or buy in the main Search bar of PLAZA+.

  • Why does the option to buy some products appear and not others?

    Some stores have a “Buy Online” button enabled to redirect the user to purchase the item on the participating store's website.

  • What should I do to buy through the platform?

    We expect that by the summer of 2022, customers will have the option to buy and make payments directly on the PLAZA+ platform.

  • At merchants where I can purchase, what payment methods can be used?

    At the stores where you can currently buy, you will be able to use the payment methods authorized by the stores since the transaction is completed on their web pages.

  • What do I have to do to receive the products I buy?

    You can currently pick them up at the store. 

  • How can I create a wishlist?

    Each product has a heart icon on the top right. By marking the heart, the articles are added to the “wishlist” (list of merchandise that you like) that appears in the upper bar at the end on the right. There appears a counter with the number of selected products. The list can be shared with family and friends.

  • What can I do if I don't find what I'm looking for?

    If you are looking for a product and it is not available at PLAZA+, you can call the store or visit the store in the shopping center for more information.

  • At what times can I get help at PLAZA Help?

    PLAZA Help is an automated response system integrated to PLAZA+ and is located at the right bottom side of your screen.  If you do not find an answer to your questions or prefer to speak or chat with a representative, you can choose the Talk to an agent option, available from 9:00 AM -9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and on Sundays from 11:00 AM -7:00 PM. PLAZA Help automated system is available 24/7.

  • What do I have to do to browse PLAZA+ from my mobile phone?

    You must download the PLAZA APP on your phone, create an account and enter the PLAZA+ section.

More questions? You can send an email to or
call 787-767-1525 ext. 3268.